Training Log

Week 16 Day 1

A few of the videos got cut short. I didn’t charge my phone last night so the battery died on me a couple of times.


I had a crack at squatting in my DL shoes today (flat). I noticed a couple of things right off the bat.


  • My hips are really tight.
  • Because of tightness, I had to descend slower than I would with my Oly shoes. Sort of opening the hole rather than falling into it if that makes sense.
  • I found it easier to keep my chest up out of the hole, and didn’t feel like I “squished” at the bottom i.e I felt tighter and less like I was going to GM the weight up (see my 200kg squat from a couple of weeks ago turn into a GM on the way up).
  • I felt my lower back working harder than when I lift in Olys. My hips have had a tendency at heavier weight to shoot back and up and that didn’t feel as acute here.
  • The walkout was not as solid as normal. I may need a firmer shoe.
  • Did I mention my hips are tight?


Because of the tightness, and the fact it was 2 deg. centigrade in the gym, I left a few kilos off. 165kg was really an RPE 8-8.5 and I think 170kg was probably there comfortably for a triple. I was conscious that this was a new way of doing the movement and didn’t want the tightness in the hips to turn into me pulling something. I might be being overly cautious.


Similarly with some of the assistance work I was doing movements I’ve never done before so could add a fair bit of weight next time to the hip thrusts and the suitcase DLs. The zercher deadlifts really kicked my ass to be honest. Certainly felt weak in my hips getting up off the bench and my quads wanted to do all the work. With the hip-thrusts I didn’t feel like I got a lot of glute activation, but my hamstrings were really working hard.


For the suitcase DLs I used the biggest DB in the gym which is only 40kg. I’ve ordered some DB handles that are loadable so I can add some weight to these next time. I did feel a lot of lat and oblique activation doing these though.


I tried to film the sumo pulls from a few different angles.  This was my second time ever pulling sumo. I watched some vids on technique on elitefts last night to try and prepare a bit.